Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitties up walking around

I think we are over the crisis with Nehemiah.  He is adapting to the insulin but he was having issues with getting enough food.  After trying to get him to eat each day for over a week (including the addition of an appetite stimulant) he was eating only half of what he should and loosing weight.  Not good!

I called the vet and suggested he get back on Sub Q fluids and Potassium.  The vet saw him Wednesday and discovered that he was dehydrated and his Potassium was lower than it was when we took him in less than a month ago.  Great....

Funny enough when he got some fluids and potassium he started eating and was back to his relatively normal self.  Gee.  We also added oral Potassium suppliments, 1 pill a day.  He might be on that for the rest of his life, but it has made all the difference in the world and it's a cheap solution. 

Sounds like he is helping himself to some of Lenny's kibble.  Yep, he has certainly turned himself around in the last 24 hours.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knitting for friends

I knitted this hat for my friend's baby, Maren.

It's giant, but that will mean that she can wear it for a long time, which is good. 

Her mom has a frog "thing" so this was a great choice.

I made the Gator Mittens for my friend Kendra.  She shared a story with me about losing her much beloved alegator mittens as a child.  Naturally I needed to replace them.  I think she likes them. ;^)

Sewing for friends

When I haven't been keeping Nehemiah alive and working out I've been sewing.

I sewed this gown for my friend Sigrid who will step up as Queen in April. My good friend Tom fought for her and will be King at that time as well. She wanted to wear 14th c. clothing to match him and I got together with her after Christmas to get measurements and shop for fabric.

The black gown is made out of a luscious linen that is just flowy and perfect for layering and wearing during the summer when they will be attending wars.

The gown is fitted and laced up the front and the sleeves are closed with cloth buttons. I'm really pleased with how well it fits and Sigrid, while getting used to how fitted it is, likes it.

To go over the gown I constructed a houpeland out of a cotton brocade that was donated by my friend Eleanor.  The fabric is really elegant and reads well across the room.  I had to piece the ever living crap to get enough fabric to make it look right.  I'm really pleased with it.

Currently I'm altering a gold linen gown to make it fitted and laced up the front instead of the back.  It took me an afternoon to do the bulk of the sewing and I have the lacing cord and lacing holes left. 

I delivered a black and white herringbone overgown at Flesh Wound, which I don't have pictures of yet.  Maybe I can convince her to model it at Bardic Madness.