Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm FINALLY showing up this week

Good morning everyone!  Finally coming up for air and adding a much belated post to my blog.  With starting my new job in May my life became a lot busier.  I have accomplished a lot over 2010.

1) reached my goal weight (and passed it) in July: 155 pounds!
2) Got down to a size 8 pant
3) Fit into a vintage dress from the 50's
4) Managed to keep Nehemiah alive and thriving since his diabetes diagnosis
5) Started a new job working for the state as a Project Specialist
6) Got back on health insurance and got caught up on my female checks, including my first mamogram, and got my teeth cleaned
7) Taught new people how to knit
8) Cut my hair short for the first time in several years
Tim is still looking for work and struggling to stay positive in the slow job market.  I hope that 2011 turns things around for him.

Beginning weight: 194, November 2009

Final weight: 155, May 2010