Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They look so innocent...

They really do, but at 4:30 each morning something sets them off.

This morning they decided to recreate the chariot race from Ben-Hur in the Circus Maximus, or at least that's what it sounded like while I tried to get back to sleep.

No fighting, no hissing, no biting; just running back and forth from one corner of the room, under the bed, to the other side. They paused briefly to stand at the door and "request" to be let out. I finally did around 5.
Seriously, this was the image in my head as I heard them run through the room.

During the summer (and spring and fall) we sleep with the windows open all night and there must be some sort of activity that gets their attention at 4:30 in the morning. Probably the birds.

This weekend is camping down in Galesville (La Crosse) and I am hoping for non-stormy weather. The temps right now predict that it will be cool. Very nice!
Lenny will probably want to help pack.

Autumn Rose is the name of the event and I look forward to it each year. It is a public demo at the Trempeleau County Fairgrounds in Galesville, WI. It is a nice site and I look forward to speaking to visitors about cooking and baking in the Middle Ages, which is what I demonstrate.
Tonight I need to finish the new shade fly for Northshield, or at least get the canvas mostly completed. I need to paint the motto on the valence, add the corner reinforcing and the grommets. Then I need to paint the 4 poles and get the rope and sliders finished. I also need to pack up my stuff but I'm still packed from this last weekend in IA so that should be relatively quick. I already started washing clothes this morning.
P came home with 2 dvd's last night "Paint Your Wagon" (Seriously LOVE! How can you not love a young Clint Eastwood singing?) and the original "Wicker Man". He just purchased "Silent Hill", which I am going to watch tonight while painting the valence. Good times.
Wish I was at the Fair today instead of at work. It's just beautiful out and I am craving mini doughnuts and pronto pups. Maybe Labor Day. Three Day weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Socks progress

I realized I had not posted any photos of my Egyptian socks. Sorry.

They are coming along nicely! On repeat #11 for the diamonds that never end!

Here is a shot of one of the 9 dishcloths that I made last weekend. Cute, even though I'm rowing out like mad. Oh well.


Oh, and the cats say hi.
This is a very misleading picture as they would never choose to sit that close in reality. That lilac yarn between them is another dishcloth.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 this thing on?

Quiet week. Boss was away for most of it.....ahhhhhh....peace. Need to find a NEW JOB!

Yesterday I woke feeling crappy and decided that I would do myself and the world a service by staying in bed, which I did. Much better! I finally did get up and spent quality time knitting the Egyptian socks. They are coming along. I have turned the heel on number two and have moved up to mid calf, half way through the diamond pattern. Only 6 more repeats to go and then the chevrons, the last "allah" band and then I cast off. I will have these done in time for Autumn Rose. YAY! Fingers crossed that they fit.

Last night I had no shows for my knitting meeting. Oh well. It was probably for the best.

Sunday was my dad's 70th birthday party at Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls. I grew up playing in this park and it is still my favorite place to visit. Mom rented a pavilion and we invited the extended family. It was loads of fun despite the fact that the caterer was a no show which left us scrambling to replace the main dish (we had everything else) and the sky opened and dumped 10,000 gallons of water, twice. Fortunately we were under the shelter and were nice and dry and my mom is crazy so we had enough food to feed an army even without the, now infamous, "chicken".

My sister and I drove through the park and visited the bears, deer and elk before heading back to the folks for "a little coffee". For those of you who do not come from mid-western/ Norwegian/ German stock, "a little coffee" means you have a little coffee with some cake, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and a small meal, for a couple hours.

I think this is why my SO stayed home in MN.

This weekend I will be invaded by Calontir folks all hungering for SR Harris. I just went at the end of July so I have nothing that needs buying. I'm just going for moral support and general girlyness!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Knitting weekend

It was also a cleaning weekend. Things got put away from the numerous camping trips. Basement got straightened and things were purged (excellent!). I vacumed, dusted, went through the stack of mail, paid bills, did dishes and even cleaned the carpets (really needed that!). I was doing laundry and was saddened by the state of my knitted dish cloths and decided to knit up some more.

I have a pattern from my grandma that she called Garter and Lace and it is what I have always used for my discloths.

The pattern calls for Sugar and Cream 100% cotton, and 1 skein will make 2 cloths.

Cast on 35 stitches on #8 needles
Work rows 1-6 in garter stitch
Row 7-10: knit 3 stitches *yo knit 2 together* repeat across the row and end by knitting 2 stitches. Repeat these 10 rows 5 more times and cast off.
I used a skein of Lion's Brand 100% cotton worsted weight in Sage, that I picked up on sale. It knitted up beautifully and made 3 dishcloths, with a little to spare.

My mom has a dishcloth that I always liked and it is knit on the diagonal with a nifty edge. My great aunt made it and I decided to figure out the pattern this weekend. It turned out ok, but I wasn't 100% thrilled with it. Doing a quick search this morning I found a pattern and I'm going to try again tonight!

I think I will be purchasing a couple 1 pound spool of Sugar and Cream for more dishcloths for the holidays.