Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They look so innocent...

They really do, but at 4:30 each morning something sets them off.

This morning they decided to recreate the chariot race from Ben-Hur in the Circus Maximus, or at least that's what it sounded like while I tried to get back to sleep.

No fighting, no hissing, no biting; just running back and forth from one corner of the room, under the bed, to the other side. They paused briefly to stand at the door and "request" to be let out. I finally did around 5.
Seriously, this was the image in my head as I heard them run through the room.

During the summer (and spring and fall) we sleep with the windows open all night and there must be some sort of activity that gets their attention at 4:30 in the morning. Probably the birds.

This weekend is camping down in Galesville (La Crosse) and I am hoping for non-stormy weather. The temps right now predict that it will be cool. Very nice!
Lenny will probably want to help pack.

Autumn Rose is the name of the event and I look forward to it each year. It is a public demo at the Trempeleau County Fairgrounds in Galesville, WI. It is a nice site and I look forward to speaking to visitors about cooking and baking in the Middle Ages, which is what I demonstrate.
Tonight I need to finish the new shade fly for Northshield, or at least get the canvas mostly completed. I need to paint the motto on the valence, add the corner reinforcing and the grommets. Then I need to paint the 4 poles and get the rope and sliders finished. I also need to pack up my stuff but I'm still packed from this last weekend in IA so that should be relatively quick. I already started washing clothes this morning.
P came home with 2 dvd's last night "Paint Your Wagon" (Seriously LOVE! How can you not love a young Clint Eastwood singing?) and the original "Wicker Man". He just purchased "Silent Hill", which I am going to watch tonight while painting the valence. Good times.
Wish I was at the Fair today instead of at work. It's just beautiful out and I am craving mini doughnuts and pronto pups. Maybe Labor Day. Three Day weekend is almost here!


SCarrGo said...

Hey, my boys do that same thing, only right now they are set for about 10:30 PM. Funny. Until they run across your face! ;-)

Jeanne said...

My cats the same, but I've gotten quite good at ignoring them. I've been craving mini-donuts for three days. I forgot to get some at the fair when we were there.