Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Socks progress

I realized I had not posted any photos of my Egyptian socks. Sorry.

They are coming along nicely! On repeat #11 for the diamonds that never end!

Here is a shot of one of the 9 dishcloths that I made last weekend. Cute, even though I'm rowing out like mad. Oh well.


Oh, and the cats say hi.
This is a very misleading picture as they would never choose to sit that close in reality. That lilac yarn between them is another dishcloth.


louise said...

Beautiful Socks Liz. I am in St Paul and go to a group at Como Park on Sat at we meet about 930 or 10 until ? if you want to join us.

Love your cats they look kind of like my Boo.

Liz said...

Thanks. I'm usually at one of my SCA events on Saturdays, but I will be around on the 9th. I'll try to come by. Thanks!

Constanza said...

Rashid will love those socks. Almost makes me I was interested in knitting...

Sarah said...

nice dishcloth and socks. If you like doing dishclothes you should join they do two cloths a month, first is normally a picture cloth themed for the month and the second is more "challenging" and textured, at least normally or should I say so far. I'm missing going to events, and just so you know Junie loves her little pink buddy. :D Thanks again.