Friday, November 30, 2007


ok, that's 30 posts.

This just in

Yep, still a dork

Plimoth Stockings

I received more yarn to complete the Plimoth stockings on Thursday the 29th. I only needed to spend another hour to finish knitting the foot on each stocking. Overall I think they turned out nice and washing the stockings improved the feel of the yarn a great deal!

I'm still hot and cold about this pattern and would really like to pick the designer's brain about her choices. I don't agree with a lot of her choices, but I don't have access to her research, just my research.

They are complete and I have a glove pattern and yarn that I can start next.

Fancy Silk Sock

I finished the second Fancy Silk Sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks over the holiday. I took the second sock to the family's Thanksgiving gathering on the 23rd and finished it when I got home that night. It's really pretty, and the pattern is not that fussy.

I really loved working with the yarn. I used Knit Picks Pallette in Navy and I really like it.

Another Christmas present is complete!

Exercise bike

P found a recumbent stationary bike on Craig's List and we went and looked at it last night. It's by Pro Form and it's in nice condition. It has 7 different exercise programs, a seat that adjusts to 4 different positions so that one can use it as a weight bench (comes with a set of 3 weights) and the seat adjusts enough so that P and I can sit at it comfortably. It runs pretty quiet and I'm hoping that it will encourage both of us to use it.

P paid $150 for it, which is a good price.

The plan is to put it in the basement where the DVD player is so we can pop in one of our DVDs and watch while we exercise. I'm going to look at my schedule and see where I can fit in an extra 30-60 minutes per day for this. Just a little bit each day will be good for both of us.

I'm hoping we can get it down the stairs OK.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


The silk for the uber awesome silk hose is being shipped to me this week!!!! YAY! I can hardly wait to start them. I friended the person who's pattern I am using for the hose on Ravelry.

I am totally loving Ravelry. I am meeting so many people who do historical knitting both in and out of the SCA. I'm having so much fun.

The silk is from Halcyon yarn and is a 2/12 weight. I'm knitting it at a 12 stitches/ inch on size 00 needles. The swatch has a heavenly hand and I can hardly wait to see the color that Drea got with the cochineal. I think my fingers will be red for a number of months with the silk and my wool.

I knit another decrease on the Clessidra stockings last night. I slipped them on and they fit perfectly!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Clessidra stockings

Originally uploaded by Valkyr8
I knitted another inch or so on the pair last night. I completed the 3rd decrease and am half way to the fourth, only 7 more to go after that (84 rows). I'm making the stockings longer so they can be held in place with garters. They are being knit on size 1 circulars and it is slow going, but the pattern keeps it interesting.

I might actually have them done for 12th night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quick knit for a sick girl

Originally uploaded by Valkyr8
My boss' daughter was taken to Children's Hospital on Monday for emergency surgery. She is 5. I decided to knit up something special in hopes of cheering her up and luckily I had a pattern for a stuffed bear and enough yarn to make it in my stash.

The pattern is from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and there are instructions for making a rabbit and an elephant. I think one could easily make a cat or dog too. I think there is enough of this brown yarn for another stuffed toy, which I could use for a present for an expectant mom.

I sat and knit while G2 sewed her pavilion. It was a good productive night AND I received confirmation that P and I got feast tickets for Boar's Head.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Knitting weekend

I love long breaks from work, it allows one to get a whole lot done.

Thursday was spent doing a lot of knitting, but also making some stitch markers for 12th Night gifts. I finished 12 sets. I baked a pie and lefse on Thursday and brought the uber apple pie to my aunt and uncles for Turkey Day on Friday. About half of their immediate family was there and all of my immediate family. The pie and lefse was a sucess and I got caught up with the whole family and the college students. I brought the second lace sock to work on and finished it Friday night. I'm going to wash and block the lace pair and the snowflakes tonight.

I was supposed to have G2 over for pavilion sewing on Saturday but plans changed. It was an excellent excuse to get up early and do some cleaning so I'm glad that time was not lost in bed all morning. I cast on for my Clessidra stockings. Hmmmmmm pretty. I obviously did not rinse the yarn well enough when I did the overdye cause my hands are a nice shade of red in places. Every time I go to wash my hands, I'm suddenly concerned that I have cut myself. Yeah, not too bright. I'm knitting the stockings at the same time on 2 size 1 circs. I have done 2 calf decreases and they measure 6.5". Not bad for a couple days knitting.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Friday

And I'm at work. ::sigh:: That's ok cause I'm the only one here, no one is calling, I've gone through the bills, coordinated two wires and now I'm listening to my podcasts and doing some filing. It's a good day.

I'll be out of here by noon to go home, pick up P, grab the lefse and pie and head to Lonsdale for the family gathering.

I do not understand the Holiday shopping in the early am. I'm sure that this has something to do with the fact that I'm making most of my gifts. When I'm in charge I would make a law that would not allow stores to open before 9 am on the Friday after Thanksgiving so that everyone can enjoy it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

My turkey day with the family will actually be on Friday so today I am sitting at home, enjoying the day off, knitting a second sock out of the navy yarn, re-knitting the heel for the Plimoth socks (they look a lot better), and baking.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One sock done

1 fancy lacy sock completed last night and another inch worked on the Plimoth socks at the super secret knitting cabal at G2's.

(shhhhhhhhh, we are knit'n yarn and you can't come)

We also solved all the problems in the universe so that was a nice evening's work.

No Ohio trip for us so I can take Thursday to do my baking. Maybe I can make a nice dinner for Thursday night. Friday is Thanksgiving dinner at the Goodoiens.

Monday, November 19, 2007

One gift started

Thursday I purchased some items to make gifts for my knitting friends for 12th Night. I have not started assembling them yet, but I will probably do that this week. I started the socks for my sister.

I began the Fancy silk sock by Nancy Bush on Saturday and I have almost one done. I have 4 inches left on the foot before I start the toe decreases. The Palette yarn from Knit picks is working well in this application and I like the design. It's very delicate.

I knit a bit on the Plimoth stockings too, but they are still on hold for a while.

I need to send in my Baronial Poll today.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yummy food

I made November's dish in the Cook A Long and it did meet the almost 1 yr old test and was happily gobbled up to bouncing and yummy noises.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

DJ socks

DJ socks
Originally uploaded by Valkyr8
I was a bit inspired last night and whipped up a pair of socks for DJ. I used left over Baby Ull from his sweater and the pattern for Festdrakt socks from Soft Treasures for Little Ones. Not bad for an evening's work.

Today I tried the November Cook-A-Long recipe. I'm quite pleased with it. It has a nice taste, but I think it should be thicker so next time less broth. I have enough broth to make a couple more batches, just need to buy more squash.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sweater made by un-godmother G

How cute is this boy????
I do need to knit him new socks since these no longer fit on his chubby feet.

My turn

Since the boy was good enough to haul off 2 old CPU's, 1 old monitor, 1 old VCR, 1 lap top station, and 2 old tv's the other day (do you hear the chorus of angels??) It is my turn to wait in line to drop off some items from the office (along with my busted VCR from the sewing room and an old phone).

Free recycling for electronics ends Saturday! Edit: It ended today......too many people brought stuff.

I'm still having breakfast at IKEA for a treat.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Will the next project come on down!

Snowflake socks: Done!

Plimoth stockings: on hold.....

What I should be knitting for gifts:
1)Another pair of felted clogs
2)pair of navy socks
3)cotton market bags
4)cotton dish cloths

What I should be knitting for the raffle:
1)Another pair of blue and white socks of a design TBD

What I should be making for 12th Night:
1)Gifts for people
2)A new wool over gown
3)Re-soleing my leather shoes
4)Sew up a new pair of wool stockings
5)Sew up a new smock for Eleanor
6)New blue velvet gown
7)Fix my blackworked chemise

What I would rather be doing:
Casting on my clessidra stockings in the wool I dyed with G2.

Who wants to guess which is going to win out?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Since I ran out of yarn for the stockings, I picked up my discarded Snowflake socks again from the Fall Interweave Knits magazine. I have one finished and the second started. I finished the second one to the heel, made the heel flap, completed the gusset decreases and started on the foot. I have 2 more pattern repeats before I start the toe.

Once they are done I will wash and block them for the raffle at 12th Night. Looks like they will fit women's size 8-10 foot. I had no trouble getting the finished one on my foot (size 10). The yarn is nice and soft.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I can has yarn pleze?

I reached a small snag on my volunteer knitting for Plimoth.

Um, yeah. I'm out of yarn and I don't think these are supposed to be scoggers that I am knitting.

My gauge is correct. I'm following the pattern that was provided to me (even though I think the stockings look way wierd) and yup, out of yarn. Guess I get to ask for more.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Knitting progress

I have 7" left on the Plimoth Stockings before I start the heel. (2 of 6 decreases remaining). I'm starting to get concerned that I am going to run out of yarn, but I'm staying positive.

I finished one of the snowflake socks and started the second. I actually knit 3 rows at the trendy club on Saturday. I think I lowered the "cool" in there by several dgrees. Ah, heck, it's good for them.

I picked up more yarn for another pair of felted clogs for Mom. Deep purple for the soles and a varigated yarn for the uppers. I think it will be very cute when done. I already have dad's wrapped.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday. Where is November going?

Birthday celebration weekend

Went out on Saturday to celebrate my apprentice's birthday (a bit early since her birthday is on the 19th). She made reservations at Chino Latino, which I have never been to before. The decor was very opulant, quite trendy, and very stylish. The company was wonderful! Filled with laughter and much merriment. The food? Well I ate an early dinner so I was simply planning to get an appetizer and a dessert. The average price for an appetizer was $11 and every dessert involved either exploding chocolate in some form or bannanas. I chose to stay with my mojito and a cup of coffee; with tax and tip my bill came to $17. I had a lot of fun with my friends (when I could hear them over the music) but there was nothing about the place that I could/ would recommend to anyone. It's really overhyped.

After settling the bill I proposed we walk to Zeno Cafe, which is a dessert, coffee, wine bar less than a block away. That was a lovely place! I ordered a White Chocolate/ Raspberry/ New York Cheesecake and a french press of Zeno signature coffee. It was fantastic! Now I want to go back and eat the giant wedge of chocolate cake that Gabe ordered. I probably would expire on the spot from the sugar load, but man would it be worth it.

I got home around 2 am. It was a grand evening filled with new experiences.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Plimoth stockings

I received my kit for the Plimoth stockings this week and last night I cast on and started the stockings. Naturally Nehemiah wanted to give his approval.

The yarn is called "camel". Good match don't you think? Especially considering the color of both of my cats.

Nehemiah was using it for a pillow, but I didn't get the picture soon enough. Hopefully none of the interpreters are allergic.

(I plan to wash and block the pair before I send it off.)

The yarn is New England Shetland by Harrisville. It has a very loose ply, which makes it interesting to work with. On the next pair I may skein and wash it first before knitting with it. It is rather rough.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chicken Soup

Last night I made chicken soup from scratch to help Tim win his battle with the cold that has taken hold of him. Also it makes the house all warm and humid, and smell good to boot.

I started with a whole chicken (about 5 lbs). Added approx 4 qrts of water (enough to cover), a whole onion peeled, 2 carrots cut large, 2 sticks of celery cut large, fresh sage, salt, whole pepper berries, bay leaves, parsley and tyme. I let the whole thing simmer while I went to the Nordskogen meeting. When I got home I removed the chicken and poured the stock into another pot through a seive to removed the veggies and spices.

I chopped 2 onions and 3 stalks of celery and sweated that in the soup pot with a bit of olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper, about 5 minutes. I added the stock back to the pot along with the shredded chicken, a bag of frozen baby carrots, more parsley. I added about 4 cups of water to increase the stock, but that's going to depend on whether you need to thin the stock or not. If you are worried about wattering down the stock you can add some organic chicken stock instead. I brought the soup back to a boil and added the no yolk egg noodles and let it cook for 8-10 minutes. I think it needed more salt, but I purposely left the salt content low for Tim.

On that note it's time to heat up my lunch. Chicken noodle soup naturally!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Viking coat

Well that's the name my friend gives it. Honestly I have not delved into the subject to say what coats the Vikings wore, if any. More likely the origin of this style is from Russia or the East.

The body is constructed as one would a simple tunic, the only difference is you cut open the center front. All the material was provided by the recipient and the trim was picked by her because of her love of camels. The fur is fake. I think it turned out pretty good. The coat material is a bright red wool/ cashmere blend. It's just luscious.

Full length shot

detail of the cuff

I have a fancy pewter hook and eye that I need to sew on, but I will be delivering the finished coat and leftover material to Kay tonight.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I caved and turned the heat on this morning. It was 56 degrees F in the house and the wind was howling. We were fine with the cats and blankets, but it was getting a bit chilly.

We have a programmable thermostat and it turns up the heat in the morning, turns it down when we go to work, turns it up again when we are returning home, and turns it down over night. I purchased it and had maintenance install it when we moved in several years ago. It's not a super fancy item, but I love it. It makes so much sense to use one. I also replaced the furnace filter this morning.

In honor of the slight flurries yesterday I have started these.

Snowflake socks from Fall 07 Interweave knits. I'm using leftover Dalegarn Baby Ull from DJ's sweater. The finished pair should fit a Women's 6 1/2-8 foot and they are going in the Quill raffle at Nordskogen's 12th Night.

Monday, November 05, 2007


It's official. There was white stuff coming from the sky when I ran to the bank and post office this afternoon.

Maybe we will need to put the heat on tonight.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Christmas knitting begun

First knitted gift was started and finished this weekend: felted clogs for dad.

I think they turned out nice and hopefully they are the right size. I may make another pair for mom and Tim and possibly Kate, but we will see.

I finished the stockings with clocks for Constanza.
I also attached the collar and fur on Kay's coat. I just need to hand stitch it in place and it will be done. I will be caught up with my largess items then.

I have a bunch of cotton waiting to be made into market bags and dish cloths, and I should start that this week. A little every day should mean that I am ready once Dec. 25th rolls around.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Otsukimi pictures/ Japanese garb

I got the pictures last night and I think you will agree they were worth the wait.

So the following are pictures of Padruig and me in our Japanese clothing that we made for Tor Aerie's Otsukimi event on the 20th.

Just think ::Raito::

Oh who are we kidding?

And yes I did fix my kosode after the picture so I was no longer dead.
(You are supposed to wear it with the left side over the right. Wearing it with the right side over the left means that you are dead.)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hello November!

I just have one question for you: what happened to summer? What happenend to the year? We have primary's next week. Huh? Where did 2007 go?

Last night we handed out candy to the little gouls and goblins, superheros and ninjas. I would say we had about 50 kids and most had an attempt at costume, although we did get about 7-8 disaffected 'youts'. We'll still give them candy, keeps them out of trouble.

Maybe next year we can have our haunted house again, but we might be in a new house by then, fingers crossed