Monday, November 12, 2007

Knitting progress

I have 7" left on the Plimoth Stockings before I start the heel. (2 of 6 decreases remaining). I'm starting to get concerned that I am going to run out of yarn, but I'm staying positive.

I finished one of the snowflake socks and started the second. I actually knit 3 rows at the trendy club on Saturday. I think I lowered the "cool" in there by several dgrees. Ah, heck, it's good for them.

I picked up more yarn for another pair of felted clogs for Mom. Deep purple for the soles and a varigated yarn for the uppers. I think it will be very cute when done. I already have dad's wrapped.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday. Where is November going?


Jamie said...

Your lovely apprentice suggested that I might be interested in your blog, so she pointed me in this direction. I am pleased to say she was most correct. Lovely Lovely Work.

Liz said...

Hi back at you! If you are on Ravelry my user name is valkyr8. Can't wait to see what you add to your blog.

Jamie said...

My ravelry is moirar70
My LJ is moira_ramsay

I am really interested in your stockings. I want to get a set of 16th C stockings on the needles.

I love the idea of proper stocking for my Italian's *g*