Friday, November 30, 2007

Plimoth Stockings

I received more yarn to complete the Plimoth stockings on Thursday the 29th. I only needed to spend another hour to finish knitting the foot on each stocking. Overall I think they turned out nice and washing the stockings improved the feel of the yarn a great deal!

I'm still hot and cold about this pattern and would really like to pick the designer's brain about her choices. I don't agree with a lot of her choices, but I don't have access to her research, just my research.

They are complete and I have a glove pattern and yarn that I can start next.


Rebecca said...

what kind of yarn did you use and how well do they stay up? are they worn with garters?

Liz said...

The yarn is Harrisville New England Highland in Camel. This yarn appears to be more for weaving than knitting, but that is what was supplied by Plimoth. I would call it a sport weight/ fingering weight.

I'm assuming that one would use garters to hold them up but since they will be worn by a costumed interpreter at the Plimoth Plantation in MA and not me I don't have much to add on the wearability.