Thursday, November 15, 2007

Will the next project come on down!

Snowflake socks: Done!

Plimoth stockings: on hold.....

What I should be knitting for gifts:
1)Another pair of felted clogs
2)pair of navy socks
3)cotton market bags
4)cotton dish cloths

What I should be knitting for the raffle:
1)Another pair of blue and white socks of a design TBD

What I should be making for 12th Night:
1)Gifts for people
2)A new wool over gown
3)Re-soleing my leather shoes
4)Sew up a new pair of wool stockings
5)Sew up a new smock for Eleanor
6)New blue velvet gown
7)Fix my blackworked chemise

What I would rather be doing:
Casting on my clessidra stockings in the wool I dyed with G2.

Who wants to guess which is going to win out?


Sarah said...

Ooo, Ooo, I know, Pick Me, Pick Me.... I pick the letter M please :D

Emily said...

Clessidra = pretty, so I'm going with those.

Jamie said...

Would you accept - be responsible and work on the to do list so you are closer to the knitter at play list?


Liz said...

I think the name of the game is going to be "throw caution to the wind" and cast on several projects at once and work on things as the moment strikes me. That way my "me knitting" can be a reward.

This is totally the opposite of how I normally do things. At most I have 2 things on the needles. I usually focus on one and finish it and then cast on for the next.