Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quick knit for a sick girl

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My boss' daughter was taken to Children's Hospital on Monday for emergency surgery. She is 5. I decided to knit up something special in hopes of cheering her up and luckily I had a pattern for a stuffed bear and enough yarn to make it in my stash.

The pattern is from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and there are instructions for making a rabbit and an elephant. I think one could easily make a cat or dog too. I think there is enough of this brown yarn for another stuffed toy, which I could use for a present for an expectant mom.

I sat and knit while G2 sewed her pavilion. It was a good productive night AND I received confirmation that P and I got feast tickets for Boar's Head.


Anonymous said...

That's cute! And what a sweet idea, and a nice gesture.


Sarah said...

G you are such a softy at heart, don't worry I won't tell anyone :P

Please let us know how she's doing, I'm sending good luck her way right now.