Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Knitting weekend

I love long breaks from work, it allows one to get a whole lot done.

Thursday was spent doing a lot of knitting, but also making some stitch markers for 12th Night gifts. I finished 12 sets. I baked a pie and lefse on Thursday and brought the uber apple pie to my aunt and uncles for Turkey Day on Friday. About half of their immediate family was there and all of my immediate family. The pie and lefse was a sucess and I got caught up with the whole family and the college students. I brought the second lace sock to work on and finished it Friday night. I'm going to wash and block the lace pair and the snowflakes tonight.

I was supposed to have G2 over for pavilion sewing on Saturday but plans changed. It was an excellent excuse to get up early and do some cleaning so I'm glad that time was not lost in bed all morning. I cast on for my Clessidra stockings. Hmmmmmm pretty. I obviously did not rinse the yarn well enough when I did the overdye cause my hands are a nice shade of red in places. Every time I go to wash my hands, I'm suddenly concerned that I have cut myself. Yeah, not too bright. I'm knitting the stockings at the same time on 2 size 1 circs. I have done 2 calf decreases and they measure 6.5". Not bad for a couple days knitting.

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