Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hello November!

I just have one question for you: what happened to summer? What happenend to the year? We have primary's next week. Huh? Where did 2007 go?

Last night we handed out candy to the little gouls and goblins, superheros and ninjas. I would say we had about 50 kids and most had an attempt at costume, although we did get about 7-8 disaffected 'youts'. We'll still give them candy, keeps them out of trouble.

Maybe next year we can have our haunted house again, but we might be in a new house by then, fingers crossed


Sarah said...

Love the pic :D

**fingers crossed**

Lisa said...

Is that you? I wouldn't have even recognized you:) Too bad we can't hand out candy (apt) that's the fun part.

Liz said...

Yep that's Tim and me from '05. I'm Tonks from Harry Potter and he is Lupin.

Rachel said...

I hear houses in Hudson are nice *wink*