Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Smart

Saw a matinee on Saturday and OMG FUNNY!!!! Steve Carell did great justice to the role that Don Adams made famous. Fantastic!

Highly recommend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lilies 22 Re-cap

Well Lilies happened. It was my first time attending without P, and it was not the same. We had a good time, but we were all a lot more subdued. With attending the wedding I did not arrive on opening day and my whole week was thrown off from that. My normal Saturday, which is spent running around and getting supplies, happened on Monday and that ain't right.

Ilya and I arrived on site a lot later than we had planned on Sunday. We showed up around 8:30 pm, just as the sun was going down and the threat of golf ball sized hail was on the way. I appreciated all of the help setting up, but it was hard to remain pleasant with folks coming into camp with the reports of "giant frogs", my stuff strewn everywhere and my tent not even up. Fortunately we didn't get hail, things got set up, I got into garb and we strolled down to the Broken Harp for beer. Next year I'm buying a weather radio.

Monday morning I finished getting things set up, got water filled, determined what I needed to purchase that day, grabbed the propane tank and Kathy and I were on our way.

I decided to do a search through Local Harvest to find a farmers market or local farm to purchase some produce. I found Sage Moon Farm in Excelsior Springs and I just love them! It's run by 2 lovely men (one of whom was in SCA back East) and they have sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, produce and 2 friendly dogs. Next year I'm going to e-mail Michael in the Spring and reserve a 1/4 or a half a lamb cause that was tasty meat! We picked up ground lamb and lamb riblets, fresh eggs, radishes, greens, herbs and had a lovely chat. Everything was behind so there was not a lot of produce to choose from. It was still fun. We filled the propane tank, went to the liquor store, saw that there was wood for sale on the corner, called the number and was told someone could meet us there in an hour. Perfect amount of time to go to the Big V and get groceries. Food was purchased, wood was picked up and we rounded out the trip with a stop at Sonic. Fantastic!!! We got back to camp, unloaded the van, put things away, I moved the van to the parking lot and did not touch it until Sunday morning when I got it to pack and come home.

I changed my mind about the Barbie tent. I decided to bring it and I grabbed 2 of the shower pumps and one worked (I would wager the other works as well, but we only needed one). The Barbie did not drain as well as in the past due to the new position and it was a lot muddier than preferred. Once the construction around our camp site is done we should have more grassy areas next year.

About the construction: the owners of the camp had decided to convert a large portion of where we camp to volleyball courts. They have terraced the space for 3 courts, all the way down to the lake.

The photos don't really convey the scope of the construction and while we had initially been concerned that ALL of our camping space had been compromised, essentially what it did was turn our space 90 degrees so, while we have more slope, we follow the tree line and have way more room. If they mow as much next year we can stretch the camp all the way to the other side of the lake. It can be really cool!

Because we were uncertain about the size available to us we elected to move the group from Silfren Mare across the road. I don't think we would necessarily need to do that again, but they were a far more pleasant group to look at than the mundane city of earth pimples that usually gets put directly across the road.

We had a task to get everything that we bring in one van and fortunately we did, and I didn't destroy my suspension or transmission. I think next year calls for a trailer. I tried to whittle down what I brought and I didn't miss a thing, except the cart. I especially loved using my fly for the kitchen. It was the perfect size!

G2 loaned me her spoked round and it was perfect for me for the week! It fit my queen sized bed. I hung up my curtains to make a changing area and I squirreled my trunk, hanging divider and my table back there.

There was also room for my little friend the wolf spider!

The bugs were insane this year with all of the rain and I am covered with itchy bites. I don't know if they are chigger, tick, spider, fly or mosquito (since I did get a few of those from up north). My plan to not use any bug spray is made of fail. Next year I'm dipping myself in Deet for a week before going.

Another thing that was noticable was the deplorable condition of the port-o-johns. I think there is equal blame on the company that "serviced" them and the savages that used them. Considering the streak of feces on the inside door of one was there all week, I feel safe to say that they were never washed down on the inside, despite that being part of the daily maintenance. Perhaps this lack of care emboldened others to go wild because I have never encountered so many unspeakable things in my entire SCA camping history.

In particular, I would like to take this time for a special shout out to the woman who left a used sanitary napkin in the corner of the Port-O-John Thursday night when there were trash cans across the road and NEXT TO the same porto, YOU are a filthy, filthy person! I hope you end up on the shower cleaning crew next year. Bunch of savages!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where was I? Oh yes, there was this wedding!

On Saturday June 14th I gathered with friends and family, both new and old, to witness the marriage of Elvira and Jason.

Jason is my cousin Linda's son, and my parents and sister attended the wedding retreat at the Audubon Center in Sandstone MN.

We arrived Friday afternoon, moved our stuff into our room and sat in some lawnchairs outside to wait for dinner. Dinner was proceeded with a game of "Mix it up bingo" where we had a clue on each square and had to move around the room and talk to the other attendees to see if they had "Attended Virginia Tech", or "Pee'd in the woods that week", for example. You wrote their names on the square and when you had a line filled in you yelled BINGO! Considering the bride's family was from the East Coast, the groom's family was ALL from MN, and their friend's were from the West Coast, it was a great way to get to know each other. After dinner, which was vegetarian tacos, we moved out to the fire pit for s'mores.

The bride's grandmother was roasting a marshmallow, possibly for the first time ever, and I leaned over to see if she would like a s'more.

Rose: "Well how about I start with this and I'll let you know."
Me: "No, Rose, do you want a s'more?"
Rose: "I may have some more after this."
Me: "Rose, let me make you a s'more. Katheryn, set her up! There you go."
Rose: "Oh, what is this?"
Me: "More sugar than you will ever need."

The whole weekend was a fun east meets west in the middle.

Saturday morning we woke and had breakfast (once again vegetarian) and had an hour of yoga with the bride and groom's yoga instructor, who later officiated the wedding that afternoon. After yoga I headed off to the bride and groom's cabin to help my cousin work on the flowers. The flowers had been gathered from her and her sister's gardens, including some Lily of the Valley that Cindy scored in her woods in WI for the Mother's corsage. We made bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres for the wedding party and family. I think they turned out just lovely!

The lavender was provided by Edina Floral (I think that was the name) and it was an adventure. There wasn't a bunch of lavender to be had in the entire Twin Cities area and my cousin called Edina Floral, who found a bunch on a truck on it's way to Fargo. She stopped the truck in St. Cloud, had the drivers take a lunch, and drove up to meet it. My cousin couldn't believe she did that and her explanation was simply, "I love weddings!". Well we were all a little verklempt.

After the flowers were done and stowed in the cooler we all went and got ready.

The bride is a knitter and she made the 4 shawls for the bridesmaids and her crown. She also made the bolero, but she must have decided against it at the last minute.

The ceremony was on the shore and it was beautiful weather, even if the breeze was a bit intense. It was hard not to laugh as the grooms' sister attempted to wrestle her sheet music, keep her hair out of her eyes, her skirt closed and seat her cello. The music was provided by the groom's uncle, cousin, sisters and father.

Their friend from San Francisco rounded out the performances with a rap. It was awesome!!!

I think everyone cried during the vows. The whole wedding was so beautiful and personal. During the receiving line we received a fly over by 2 eagles and a hawk. It was amazing!

The evening ended with a reception in the lodge and a Ho Down with live music!!!!

It was such an amazing weekend!!!!!

Saturday night we got to see this guy.

Sunday we had yet another amazing breakfast (the cooks were just wonderful all weekend) and Katherine and I headed back to the Twin Cities. I spent 30 minutes throwing the rest of my and Ilya's stuff in the van and were on the road to Lilies by 1.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from war

Car is unpacked, clothes washing will begin tonight, goodies need to be distributed, kitties and boy have already been snuggled. Posts to follow shortly about Lilies and the wedding.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Midsummer Night's Dream

(photo by Steve Rice, Steve Rice, Star Tribune, April 21, 2008)

I redeemed my gift certificate from my sister and saw a Midsummers Night's Dream at the Guthrie last night with my friend Rachel. I'm still hanging onto the coupon for dinner for 2 at Cue for Tim and I, but considering his knee, he really couldn't bend it and be comfortable in the seats so I took someone else.

I love this comedy of Shakespeare. It's really hard to screw it up. I loved a lot of the extra items that this production added. A lot of dance, music, song, wire work, zip lines, it was awesome! I was unimpressed with the actress who played Hermia, but the actress who played Helena was excellent! The fairies were great, but the players stole the show! All of them!!! What a fantastic show!

It runs to June 22nd and I highly recommend catching a performance.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silk Stockings for ME!

e stocking 3
Originally uploaded by Valkyr8
I'm less that 2 inches (7 repeats) until I start the decreases on the back of the leg.

This weekend I am going to a wedding retreat and I will be bringing the silk stockings. I will be spending the weekend with my crazy family so there may not be much in the way of downtime for knitting, but convienently I can multitask.

I'm leaving work around 1 on Friday so I can get home and pack the van for Lilies. Katherine is picking me up around 3 and we are heading to Sandstone to the Audubon Center. Friday night there will be bingo (I will knit), a dinner and then a campfire. I have a pair of plain stockinette socks that I can knit in the dark instead of the silk. Saturday there is breakfast, yoga, lunch, the ceremony, dinner and a "hoe down". Sunday morning will be a quick breakfast and then hitting the road so I can leave for Lilies. We are staying in bunk houses and I can hardly wait. I thought about bringing my wedge, but I'm going to live in a tent all next week. This weekend is going to be a lot of fun!

My travel companion is leaving from Madison so I will be riding solo down to MO.

basket weave linen washcloth

basket weave linen
Originally uploaded by Valkyr8
Finished it last night and wove in the ends this morning. Absolutely LOVE this fiber. It is awesome!

This is the other pattern from the Textured Linen Washcloth that I purchased at the Sheepy Yarn Shop.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lilies packing continues to move apace

Kitchen box: packed and stocked
Storage box: packed

Shopping list: written
Meal ideas: musing over

Garb: gathered, sorted, ready to pack
New head stuff: complete, ready to pack

Class handouts: copied
Event flyers: ready
Books and materials for class: gathered, ready to pack

The weather in Kearny is looking pretty good for next week. Low 80's, slight chance of rain (40% is the highest), probably muggy, but hopefully not bad.

I need to pack for the wedding retreat tonight. Tomorrow is the Guthrie!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back to normal....

Well that's a debatable state with me.

Here is my eye 3 weeks post bike dump and face plant. Just 2 weeks ago I looked like this. Significant improvement if you ask me. Just a small bit of blood left to absorb but the bruises on my face are pretty well gone.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Shopping karma

Saturday morning I took the van into Sears to get new front tires, the transmission fluid changed and the oil changed. They estimated it would take 3 hours so I took the time to do some clothes shopping. It was important to find a dress to wear to the wedding on Saturday. I looked through Sears, walked through Old Navy and wound up at JC Penny where I found the dress on the left. I tried on about 5 and this was the last one I tried on, cause it was the most expensive. Naturally it fit the best and I loved it. $100, marked down to $60. Well that was more than I wanted to spend but oh well, I love it, I can wear it with anything and it looks good on me. I took it to the counter where it rang up at $50 and they gave me an additional $10 off. 60% off a dress that I like and fits me perfectly! Wow! Then I went to the GAP and had to ask for a smaller size for the pants I was trying on. Hello 10's!

(we won't speak of the fail that is the Victoria Secret Boy shorts that I will be returning/ exchanging for underwear that does not get stretched out all to hell in one wearing)

After shopping I oversaw the set up of the 2 rounds that I completed last year (one was completed in Jan of this year). They turned out pretty good. I'm borrowing one for Lilies since I will be attending solo. With P's knee out of commission he is going to stay home and watch the cats instead of hobbling all over uneven terrain for a week.

Sunday I did some wood working and general gathering of my garb to ready it for the packing. I knocked the edges off the center pole, did a bit of sanding on the spokes, secured and drilled out the support hole on the sleeve on the center pole, built 3 benches, sewed straps for shelf and bar that I'm rigging in the shade fly. I brought up my food boxes and have started to pack them. I have a head wrap and kerchief ready for hemming. I have a wool hood partially sewn.

Now I just need to find the time to see a play at the Guthrie on Thursday, pack the van and be ready to leave for Sandstone Friday afternoon. It's going to be a crazy week.