Monday, June 09, 2008

Shopping karma

Saturday morning I took the van into Sears to get new front tires, the transmission fluid changed and the oil changed. They estimated it would take 3 hours so I took the time to do some clothes shopping. It was important to find a dress to wear to the wedding on Saturday. I looked through Sears, walked through Old Navy and wound up at JC Penny where I found the dress on the left. I tried on about 5 and this was the last one I tried on, cause it was the most expensive. Naturally it fit the best and I loved it. $100, marked down to $60. Well that was more than I wanted to spend but oh well, I love it, I can wear it with anything and it looks good on me. I took it to the counter where it rang up at $50 and they gave me an additional $10 off. 60% off a dress that I like and fits me perfectly! Wow! Then I went to the GAP and had to ask for a smaller size for the pants I was trying on. Hello 10's!

(we won't speak of the fail that is the Victoria Secret Boy shorts that I will be returning/ exchanging for underwear that does not get stretched out all to hell in one wearing)

After shopping I oversaw the set up of the 2 rounds that I completed last year (one was completed in Jan of this year). They turned out pretty good. I'm borrowing one for Lilies since I will be attending solo. With P's knee out of commission he is going to stay home and watch the cats instead of hobbling all over uneven terrain for a week.

Sunday I did some wood working and general gathering of my garb to ready it for the packing. I knocked the edges off the center pole, did a bit of sanding on the spokes, secured and drilled out the support hole on the sleeve on the center pole, built 3 benches, sewed straps for shelf and bar that I'm rigging in the shade fly. I brought up my food boxes and have started to pack them. I have a head wrap and kerchief ready for hemming. I have a wool hood partially sewn.

Now I just need to find the time to see a play at the Guthrie on Thursday, pack the van and be ready to leave for Sandstone Friday afternoon. It's going to be a crazy week.


Constanza said...

Are you going to see "A Midsummer's Night Dream?" I have tickets to see that witha co-worker on the 22nd. It's the consolation prize for not going to Lillies. I miss camping. *sigh*

Liz said...

That's my plan, fingers crossed that there are seats for Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I was increadably disappointed in my VS boy shorts too. They streach out badly and fast and after two washes they fall apart (lacy ones at least). I love their other styles but boyshorts now come from target!

Liz said...

We ended up using your spokes in Giulia's tent, which fit perfectly, and the side poles that we cut to 62" fit your tent perfectly.

I guess we will see if the canvas stretches in G2's, then we will be back to square 1.

Sarah said...

"head wrap and kerchief" , Is there a picture out there that I could look at, or maybe directions? I'm interested. Thank you, good luck with your week.

Liz said...

A kerchief is a square of fabric that is folded in half diagonally and tied under the nape of the neck.

A head wrap is a strip of cloth approx. 12" wide by 6-8' long that is wrapped around the head.