Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Garb

This coming Saturday the college SCA group is hosting a Japanese event and I have been working on making new garb for this event. I purchased the fabric last Monday and washed and ironed it over the weekend and started sewing Monday night the 15th. I finished one piece Monday and cut out a second. Last night I finished 2 more pieces and have one more to go.

I'm using a friend's website for construction information and information on the proper wearing of the garments since this is a culture that I have not delved into. Quite frankly my persona would never have known about Japan and the closest info I would probably know would be the stories/ tales of the travels of Marco Polo who made it to China. The Portugese weren't even allowed to land in Japan until the late 1500's.

My outfit is constructed entirely of cotton and consists of the following.
1, white cotton kosode (robe)
1, red cotton hakima (pants)
1, outer kosode, also of cotton (I still need to sew this item so the color/pattern will be determined once I stop at the fabric store tonight)
1, obi (a sash I'm borrowing from a friend)
1, uchikake (unbelted coat that goes over the whole thing)

Considering that I'm nearly 6' and blond I'm going to look rather odd wearing Japanese, but I'm excited to try something new. I'll probably arrange my hair in a single braid running down my back but I'm going to wait for my friend's advise when he comes to town Friday for the event.

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