Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Moving on to new projects

Now that the Japanese garb production line is complete I can move back to my other projects.

I started a wool coat with trim and fake fur a week+ ago for a friend who supplied the material for me to sew together. She won the largess competition a year ago so it is high time that I finish this project for her. It is a very simple tunic shape and I had that cut out and sewed in one evening, all the finishing and detail work is what takes time. Monday I hand finished all the seams. Last night I re-attached the front decorative strip and hand sewed the bottom decorative trim. The remaining parts are the collar and fur. She picked out a really nice fake fur that is a rich black, almost sable like and it will be attached to the front opening, the cuffs, along the bottom and at the collar. The coat will close with a single hook at the neck, which I need to determine if she has, or if I need to supply it. The coat is a think wool melton in bright red. The trim is a brocade that features a train of camels. I'm really pleased how it's turning out.

I have started on the red stockings for Constanza for her largess prize. I'm working on size 2 circular needles and am knitting both at the same time.

The yarn is Louet Gems, 100% Merino Wool Sport weight in Cherry Red. I have about 5" knit in total. I'm using the pattern for Stockings with Clocks by Nancy Bush.

I just found out about a chance to do some more historical knitting. Plimoth Plantation is looking for volunteer knitters to make stockings and gloves for their interpreters. They supply the materials and you supply the labor. I requested a kit yesterday, but I don't know how long it will be before it arrives. I probably won't start until the end of January, holiday gifts come first, but what a wonderful way to provide something historically accurate! They provide the patterns and the research that they have done on 17th c. knitted goods too. Bonus! There is no deadline to get the finished items back since they are items that can be used all year long. I can't wait! Maybe I'll try my hands at the gloves too.


Rachel said...

Hey, do you have a picture to post of your Japanese garb? I am interested to see what it looks like!

Liz said...

Not yet. Waiting to get the pictures from the photographer.

Jamie said...

That is very exciting!

Constanza said...

I tried on the socks, and didn't want to take them off! They are so nice!