Monday, October 15, 2007

People are strange

Saturday morning was filled with excitement. My partner and I were woken by our neighbor who had discovered that someone had riffled through their car and suspected the same had happened to our 2 vans.

Sure enough that was indeed the case. Some person/s had removed a duffle bag of armor bits from P's van and my "oh shit" wooden box from mine. They hauled this stuff across the street (I assumed it was to use the bright security lights on the apartment building to search through the contents). They dumped out all of the stuff and ended up taking a folding knife that was in my box and nothing from P's bag, everything else they just left. They did not break the windows and the locks on both vans appear to still be working. They also left behind the spare set of keys for my van that was in my "oh shit" box. They easily could have driven off with it, although I think I would have woken up if I heard my car start up.

Our neighbor's vehicle was searched through and they grabbed 2 purses and a couple of headsets. One purse had Ms. M's stuff from bible study and they dumped out the contents and took off with the purse. The other purse had her wallet, money, checkbook, and all the items that you would expect in a purse. They dumped out all the contents on the lawn and left it there, including the purse and the cash. Really strange.

Naturally this occurred while we were home, in bed, and our bedroom window faces our garage where we park our cars. I'm annoyed about the knife, but more wierded out that this happened, to the point that I'm uneasy being away from home. The person/s also ransacked about 6 other vehicles in the apartment parking lot across the street. Emptying out contents and strewing them all around.

When I spoke to the officer on Saturday I was the only person who had made a report to the police. We've lived in this neighborhood for 6 years, going on 7, and this is the first time we have had anything happen like this. The officer did not appear to be surprised.

Sunday morning I installed a motion sensor light at the back door. More than likely it's the punk kids who live behind us, at least that was the theory of the girls on our block.

Anyone know where I can buy a gross of bear traps?


Rachel said...

That totally sucks G.

Liz said...

Yeah, but it could have been so much worse. I can easily replace a knife.

I am more alert to noises at night now.

Emily said...

2 points for the appropriate use of "asshats" as a label.

Sarah said...

Taion knows where you could get some bear traps.

Anonymous said...

WTH?! You should talk to Adam. He had problems with people in the back yard at his old place and rigged up a motion-activated video camera.


Lisa said...

I'm glad it wasn't any worse, I don't know if you get this feeling or not: when some has rifled through your things and potentially taken something(s) and despite not being or wanting to not be a materialistic person, feeling like "I can't believe they took my [blank], it's mine!"

I had my bike stolen from my storage locker, but I had a U-lock on the front tire so they couldn't ride it away, so they stole the back tire and left the rest behind the garages. A replacement back tire, gear box and chain costs more than the bike did new. The skeleton is still hanging on my balcony partition wall.

Constanza said...

They were just like you said, some punk kids who were looking to cause some trouble. Idiots. I've had my car broken into (when I lived in Raleigh). That's why I don't carry cash. I can replace a driver's license, checks and a check book, but I can't replace whatever embroidery piece or dress I'm working on. I had a couple of A&S things stolen then, and that is what really made me angry.