Monday, October 08, 2007

As great as the wedding was....

(with apologies to Aesa and Raito, but really this was amazing!) there was another high point to the weekend.

December came early this year and I was treated to a SECOND ROW viewing of the

Royal Shakespeare Company's production of King Lear staring Sir Ian McKellan at the Guthrie last night!!!!!!!

I was 10 feet from the stage OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister got me the ticket as an early birthday gift. (I think she is covered for a while)

The show was 3 hrs and 40 minutes long and it could have been 10 minutes for all I noticed. I'm certain that there were points that I did not breath and I did not blink. It was spellbinding.

As far as the cast in the show was concerned I knew Ian was Lear but knew nothing of the rest, so my jaw nearly fell on the floor when Sylvester McCoy walked out in the role of the Fool.

For those who do not know Sylvester McCoy played the 7th Doctor in Dr. Who and he was brilliant in the role of the Fool. A large portion of the first act is the fool and Lear on stage and I didn't know who I enjoyed more in their respective roles. I was in heaven.

This was my first visit to the new Guthrie since it opened and I must say I love it! It is far easier to get to and the parking is much more convienent than the old location. I was there early so I walked around to see all of the sites.

During intermission Katherine and I walked out on the endless bridge and enjoyed the view of the city and then quick hurried back to our seats for the rest of the play.

After the show I hugged her and yelled "that was fantastic!" I was absolutely elated and gone was the exaustion of the weekend and the drive.

Because I am a geek I hung out at the stage door and greeted and thanked the actors for their performance. (some of them were pretty sneaky and almost passed by unnoticed)

I actually did see Ian (that's his head in the center), he was fricken 5' from me, but really I was waiting for Sylvester.....unfortunately I either missed him, or he went out another door. I looked like a puppy who had been kicked.

It was a fantastic! An amazing performance and I feel so lucky to have seen this. I know all the performances are sold out for Lear, but I highly recommend getting tickets for the Seagull cause this cast will be awesome in anything.

I'm still on cloud 9!


Emily said...

I kinda hate you right now. And with the heat of last weekend it must have been a perfect time to spend a few hours at the theater. I still haven't gone to the new Guthrie. I have been outside it, though. It was kind of like staring at all of the presents under the Christmas tree.

Rachel said...

You suck. Jacque and I were just whining yesterday that we wanted to go. I am happy for you (although extremely jealous)

Gwyneth said...

I am very, very jealous.

Jessica Voss said...

And, if you loved that, you should come visit and the RSC in situ in London or Stratford upon Avon. Open houseguest invitations..

Jessica Voss said...

I mean ".. and SEE the RSC.." missing the verb there, sorry.

Liz said...

That would blow my mind! Now I have even more of an excuse to get to England (not like I needed much arm twisting before). ;^)