Monday, August 07, 2006

Knitting weekend

It was also a cleaning weekend. Things got put away from the numerous camping trips. Basement got straightened and things were purged (excellent!). I vacumed, dusted, went through the stack of mail, paid bills, did dishes and even cleaned the carpets (really needed that!). I was doing laundry and was saddened by the state of my knitted dish cloths and decided to knit up some more.

I have a pattern from my grandma that she called Garter and Lace and it is what I have always used for my discloths.

The pattern calls for Sugar and Cream 100% cotton, and 1 skein will make 2 cloths.

Cast on 35 stitches on #8 needles
Work rows 1-6 in garter stitch
Row 7-10: knit 3 stitches *yo knit 2 together* repeat across the row and end by knitting 2 stitches. Repeat these 10 rows 5 more times and cast off.
I used a skein of Lion's Brand 100% cotton worsted weight in Sage, that I picked up on sale. It knitted up beautifully and made 3 dishcloths, with a little to spare.

My mom has a dishcloth that I always liked and it is knit on the diagonal with a nifty edge. My great aunt made it and I decided to figure out the pattern this weekend. It turned out ok, but I wasn't 100% thrilled with it. Doing a quick search this morning I found a pattern and I'm going to try again tonight!

I think I will be purchasing a couple 1 pound spool of Sugar and Cream for more dishcloths for the holidays.


Teej said...

If there's a Hobby Lobby near you, they had Sugar and Cream on sale this week. I didn't save the flier, but you should be able to find it on their website.

Liz said...

Unfortunately Hobby Lobby is not located in MN. JoAnne's Etc. works fine for inexpensive yarn and they carry the 1 lb cones.

Liz said...

I take that back, there are 2 stores, 1 in Mankato and the other in Rochester. Both a little out of my way for my taste.

Anonymous said...

Those look exactly like the cloths my grandmother used too. Worked great.