Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

May 2009 be better than 2008!

All in all 2008 wasn't too bad for me. I finally moved out of the duplex and into a house, that is owned, and I can paint walls and not share walls with neighbors. I don't have to move my car off the street during a snow storm. I also can't call maintenance if something goes wrong....

My health was pretty good. No major issues. I continue to give blood regularly.

I sewed a lot of tents and taught others how to sew tents! I backed off of the SCA a bit and chose to focus on a select number of activities instead of doing a huge amount.

I helped to elect the first black President of the US! I don't envy him the amount of work ahead of him, but I feel hopeful that he will do what is best for the country.

I am thankful for P (who continues to put up with me), my family, the kitties, our home, a van that still runs, my friends and my ability to pay the bills.

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Katherine said...

All good things to be thankful for entering a new year. Hope you had a great New Year's Eve as well and the cats did not get too wild! ;o)