Thursday, February 12, 2009

Knitted Fug

This picture was taken at the "fashion show" at the 2008 Knit-Out and Crochet event at the Mall of America.

Um, yeah.

The 2009 Knit Out is happening this weekend and I don't plan to go.

Correction: that would be "The Seasons Best Fashion Show", observe.

check please....


Rachel said...

egads! I nearly stabbed my eyes out with my needles. Ick!

Constanza said...

I don't think "Ick" even begins to cover these. They're just...ugly. So ugly. And the models look so happy, but then they are getting paid to wear that stuff, aren't they? I hope they're not volunteers.

Debra said...

Did you ever see the old blog "You Knit What?" Oh, it was fabulous for the unbelieveable knitted fug with a good dash of humor!