Monday, February 22, 2010


When we moved in last Fall I jokingly asked my parents if they were going to get us a house warming gift.  They asked me what we would want, I said "a dishwasher or a freezer".  The desire for each was pretty neck and neck until I finally had enough of hand washing and found a dishwasher that was a reasonable price at Sears.  Sunday a friend of ours came over to help install it.

We determined that the dishwasher it replaced was original to the house, and boy did it show.  We ended up running new water supply lines and waste lines, which made the whole thing take a lot longer.  We only ended up taking 2 trips to Menards so we did pretty good.  I think it looks great in it's new home and the color is a good match to the cabinets. 

I'm running the first load now and I just LOVE it! 

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