Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5K running list

I'm creating a soundtrack to accompany me on my first run January 29th.

Run time: 43.67 (I suspect I will not need the entire length for the run since my goal time is between 35-40 minutes)
A Kind of Magic, Queen
It's My Life, No Doubt
Girl U Want, Devo
FNT, Semisonic
Outside, George Michael
Go West, Village People
You Can Call Me Al, Paul Simon
Little Bird, Annie Lennox
Whatever Gets You Through the Night, John Lennon
Does Your Mother Know that You're Out, ABBA
I'm a Believer, Smash Mouth
Get Back, Lennon/ McCartney

Cool Down: 12.04 minutes (again, probably won't need the whole time)
We Are the Champions, Queen
I'm Alive, ELO
Silly Love Songs, McCartney

Timmy is converting everything to MP3's so I can add it to my shuffle.  I will do a test run to see if I can keep to the pace the music is setting.  It's possible it is too quick, but we will see.


K said...

I run to audio books - not as inspiring as music, but, the pace is good and steady and it nicely distracts me. Make sure your race allows headphones, new thing these days it to not allow them for safety reasons.

setembrina said...

Dr Feel Good-Motley Crew!!!

the song with kick it for you