Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Garb for Boar's Head

The theme for Boar's Head is Agincourt so I am sewing a Burgundian gown to wear over one of my fitted gowns. It's a deep burgundy almost brown color. I pre-washed the wool and hung it to dry. It fulled a little in the wash, but not bad. I cut everything out on Sunday and last night I attached the lining to the front and back and tacked it down. I reinforced the V neckline with a strip of silk so that it doesn't stretch on the bias. I sewed the sleeves, lined them and attached a strip of fake fur. The fake fur is grey and almost looks like squirrel. I still need to hand tack the fur down, and do a bunch of other hand sewing.

Tonight I am pinning and sewing the gown together. The construction is fairly simple: 2 sides, 2 back pieces, 2 gores, and 2 sleeves. The front will be sewn together and then close with a hook and eye. The closure will be hidden under a belt. Most of the construction will be done by machine with hand finishing to secure the fur to the gown and finish the hem. I'll need to finish the interior seams eventually, but I may not have time to do this prior to the event.

I have not made this type of gown before, but I understand the theory behind it. Either it will look fabulous or it will be a hot mess. I really wish I had a decent hat to wear with it. I should have something tall, but I can't imagine that I will have time to whip something together before this weekend, which is when I plan to wear it.

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