Monday, November 17, 2008

Build big

P and I attended an open house for one of Big Wood's clients over the weekend. The house is spectacular and located down in Hastings, off the St. Croix river.

Amazing views!

They haven't built the deck off the back of the house yet, but when that is done they are going to have so much space for entertaining in the warmer months. They have a lot of family. The owners of the home were great to work with and are warm and genuine people. It was lovely to celebrate the completion of their home with them.

A number of my co-workers attended and it was a chance to get some pictures in one of our completed homes. Mike and Dave are the owners of the company. Dave is the primary visionary/ designer and Mike makes the buildings come to fruition.

I'm the only woman who works for the company. I don't do any field work (although I have delivered the ocassional mantel order). I work in the office with Doug (on my right) and Matt (in the green) with the ocassional visit from Mike and Dave. It was nice to step into something we created. Beautiful home!


Jonya said...

That is a beautiful space in the second photo. I'm very impressed with the wood beams!

Liz said...

That's what we do. You should the pictures of the guys raising the bents. It is way cool.

Jonya said...

This is the type of construction I would want in a home, if I was ever fortunate enough to build. Or when I win the lottery and am creating my own Society Hall, I want to build as a community to build community, as it says in the last entry on this page.

Maybe I can hire your firm to help with this building of my hall! It might happen...

Truly I think this is the loveliest form of building we have ever discovered.