Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Spring!


Bulbs!!! I have green growing things in the garden.

We had our neighbors over Saturday night to enjoy a fire in the backyard and I was talking to Irene about gardens and such and I glanced over in the dark and thought I saw something in the garden. I went over and I could clearly see that the bulbs were up! Very exciting! The bulbs came with the garden and were discovered as we were thinning it out from the garage. I put them in a neat little row along the front and they all seem to be coming up just fine.

Sunday I was up early and cleared the dead stuff from the garden and saw that there was fresh shoots from a lot of the plants. I also found some rabbit droppings so I'm thinking the garden may need some fencing around it, at least the vegetable garden. The day lillies, flox, lazy susans, delphinium, and a bunch of the other perennials appear to have survived transplant last summer. I raked a bit in the back yard and pulled up some thistles. They are a real problem in the yard. P has plans to construct a water barrel catch system and we looked at places for it around the garage. Not this comming weekend, but next I want to pull back the black plastic and start weeding the garden bed. Time to start planning the crops for the summer. We also need to trim the fruit trees. A long branch that was nawed on came down in the wind this morning off our maple tree. I'm assuming some animal was nawing on it and I noticed a branch in tha apple tree had the same marks. Squirrels? Interesting.

Naturally there is a prediction of snow this week.

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Emily said...

Yea, bulbs! I love spring so much and that little bit of green gives me a little hope that we might have actually made it. That, and the last dirty pile of snow in the corner of my parking.