Monday, October 05, 2009

Apple Butter Day

I'm cooking up a bunch of apple butter from the applesauce I made last week. There is a bag of apples waiting on the counter to turn into more applesauce, a rubbermaid of apples in the garage, and there are still apples on the trees. Oy. Anyone need apples?

I'm making a batch of green tomato chutney as well. The temps have turned cool and the garden is done, although I still have green onions, beets, swiss chard and fennel. The garden bed is all prepped for the spring, although I'm tempted to see what I can cultivate during the winter, especially if I cover a portion of the bed with a homemade green house.

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K said...

our neighbor made a greenhouse with pvc pipe and heavy plastic. It looks like the bottom of a boat but he has stuff grow in the winter.