Saturday, April 03, 2010

2 weeks early

The growing season is about two weeks early in comparison to last year.  Not surprising considering the insane temps that we had at the end of March.  I took a serious leave of my senses and planted my vegetable garden on the 27th.  In my defense it was in the 70's that day.

I just planted seeds: mesclin, arugula, spinache, beets, peas, onions and cucumbers.  I recognize that planting cucumbers is way early, but if they don't germinate I'll just plant them again in a few weeks, no big deal.  This year I did not need to remove 4 cubic yards of waste and weeds from the bed before I could plant anything.  I simply turned in a half bag of peat moss, raked it level and hoed the rows.  Easy!  There is the ocassional weed sticking up here and there and they are getting dosed with Round Up. 

I put up a nylon trellis screen to help train up the peas and cucumbers.  Hopefully that will work better than the strings I used last year.  I also changed around the layout of the garden so I'm hoping the crops that needed more sun will get it this year. I think I did pretty well using the plat for the first time last year and the changes were minor and easy to do to, hopefully, make this year more successful.  I'll be planting my tomato plants and zucchini after Memorial weekend.  I'll see how my tree trimming will aid the plants to get more sun.

My daffodils in the east garden are already blooming and I plan to bring a nice bunch for Sunday lunch at my parent's.  My plans for the new native garden is mostly done.  I just need to price out the materials and submit everything.  I have until May 1st.

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