Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Plans

For those who have seen our lot, we have a LOT of grass.  There are a number of lovely trees, bushes, and landscaping around the house, but there is a huge bare spot on the South side of the property. 

Our first summer/ fall in the house I started planning some additions to the landscape.  I specifically wanted to focus on native plants and possibly include a rain garden.  Today I attended a free workshop on adding a native garden run by Blue Thumb.   I'm unsure if the space I am envisioning for my planting space will work for a rain garden, but it will be a lovely native garden, with a focus on plants that attract butterflys.  That should be a special treat for Timmy.  For $25 they will help create a design with me and I can apply for a grant to receive $250, which will hopefully cover the cost of the majority of the project.

I'm planning to get my plants from the Friends School Plant Sale.  They have a lovely Butterfly garden package with 4 each of 12 plants for pretty cheap.  I've picked out a couple more varieties to add in and a couple new bushes for the south side of the house, to replace a couple that died from the hot summer before we moved in. 

My design consultation is the 31st and I have a lot to do to get my plan ready.

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Katherine said...

It sounds like a lot of work but should be fun and rewarding too. I am simply grateful, most days, that I do not have the option to plant anything on my lot. Someday I may get enthusiastic enough to get some large pots and plant some flowers or tomatoes. Good luck with your consultant meeting.