Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Day!

Not mine, don't get any ideas...
May I start with a simple reminder of how time zones work.  If the live coverage starts at 3 am est that would be what in central time? Yeah, that would be 2 am.  Oy.  Almost not worth going to bed in the first place, but I did get a little nap.  Thank god for tea....and a spot of cordial.

Naturally I'm not the only one who thought a live blog would be a good idea so if you would like some actual entertainment I suggest joining Heather and Jessica on Go Fug Yourself.
Lenny would like me to keep the noise down, he's trying to get his beauty sleep.

Big Ben is chiming: so exciting!  I'm looking forward to seeing the mounted guard.  Those horses are fantastic.

I think the most dressed up I'm getting this morning is a sweater thrown over my jammies. Speaking of dresses, I'm loving the dresses for the day.  The one woman in line in the bright yellow dress and matching hat is smashing.  LOVE!  God I love these hats!

It's refreshing to see a commentator "squee" when speculating on what the bride will be wearing.  

The tea and biscuits are a good choice first thing, as was the hard boiled egg.  I'll move onto an English muffin in a while, along with the sardines, herring and fruit.

How gorgeous are the Beckhams?  Wow.

The people camping out are quite mad, but I do envy them.  It looks like a chilly morning though.  Not like that July day in '81.

Did I see Rowan Atkinson in the crowd?  If they are Black Adder fans they have just risen in my esteem.  The Prime Minister's wife isn't wearing a hat...SCANDAL!! 

I can hardly wait to see what mischief the young attendants will get into during the service.  There is no way a 3 yr old is going to behave for 1+ hours.

4:14 - William (or I should say, His Grace, the Duke of Cambridge) looks very happy.  All smiles and waves in the car to Westminster.

Nehemiah is simply happy for the sardines from my plate. Lenny is snoring. 

I do like the trees in the naive.  It's simple and elegant. Oy, 40 minutes still until the wedding....time for a nap.

4:30 - somehow I doubt that the Queen will be arriving via mini-coach. I am interested in what the bride's mother is wearing.  It sounds delightful, but we'll see if her hair has been tamed from it's normal state of a hot mess. Ok, the dress is beautiful, but her hair still looks ragged. If Catherine takes after her mom she will certainly age well.

4:43 - The queen is in bright yellow, which makes my mistaking the woman all in yellow queued up to head inside the church about an hour ago for her Majesty all the more weird. Can't wait to see these kids! Camilla looks nice.  Thank god Wills didn't inherit his father's normal expression.  "Close your mouth please, we are not a codfish!".  Queen and Duke: 63rd wedding anniversary, 85 and 90. Bless!

4:52 - Here comes the bride!!!!! 
I swear I am breathless.  I'm seeing a lace sheath, very pretty.  Love the hair!  I knew there was going to be lace. A small bouquet, so pretty.

4:57 - OMG are these kids cute.  Pippa looks gorgeous.  Great genes those Middletons.  I want to know what tiara Kate is wearing, slow down!  edit: Queen's halo tiara

 5:00 - Grace Kelly!  Thank you BBC commentator!  Yes!  We've arrived! So gorgeous!  Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown, same for Pippa.

5:10 - Harry wrangles the ring, while Pippa wrangles the children.  I'll take the ring please. I'm sure the Archbishop got the gig because of his voice alone.  Dang!

5:21 - Man and Wife!

5:49 - "and did those feet in ancient times..."  Love that hymn!  I want a full orchestra at all weddings.  Can I just say again that the hats are amazing!  I also think more weddings need a battery of trumpeters.  God Save the Queen!  my tea is cold

5:56 - signing the register.

6:30 - Great carriage ride back. Love how the sun came out as they were approaching the palace. At least an hour until the balcony appearance.  Time for cake and possibly a nap.

Speaking of cake: wow!

Totally worth the sleep deprivation.  What a wonderful memory!

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