Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden season beginning

This year we have had a very cool spring, which has set the growing season back by at least 2 weeks.  Disappointing to be behind, but I do have everything planted and stuff is up and growing well. 

The herb bed is looking pretty good.  Most things are growing back from the previous years.  The lovage is ginormous as it has been every year.  New addition would be moving the tomatoes to the herb bed.  I think they should do pretty well.

I built a box for the wild straberries, which I overwintered in containers.  They seem to be happy since they are producing flowers.  We'll see if they produce fruit.  Probably not this year.  I added nasturtiums and rosemary to the box.

I transplanted several raspberry bushes from our neighbor's yard and they seem to be settling in pretty well.  They may produce fruit this year, but we will see. I'm hoping that the apple tree will be more productive this year as well.  I've been hording my apple sauce all winter long. 

 The perennial beds are looking fantastic.  I added the solar lights on the lattice and I love how it looks at night.

The new boxes got added to the south lawn and are growing summer squash, zucchini and red onions.

The native bed is looking fantastic.  The fence has kept the rabbits from eating the asters down to nubs. I also added a fence around my vegetable bed.  I WILL have beets this year! 

 Good thing I added the fences this year.  Varmints! (but they are awfully cute....)

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Rachel said...

OOooh, lovely. Can't wait to see your harvest!!!