Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Healthy Eating at Lilies 25

I just got back from Lilies and I wanted to share some choices that I made for food. While I was staying with a group, I was esentially going solo this year and I didn't want to spend my time cooking so I planned my food to be grab and go. I arrived Monday evening and left Friday morning so my meal plans were breakfast/ lunch/ and dinner for 3 full days + 2 snacks each day an evening snack Monday and Friday breakfast before we left.

For breakfast I made the Baked Oatmeal with Blackberries recipe from Sparkpeople. I added just a touch of maple syrup to up the sweetness. I baked it in a 8 x 8" pan and cut it into 9 squares. I brought enough squares for breakfast each morning and ate a hard boiled egg to up my protein. I brought a container of my home made yogurt, which I topped with raspberries and a drizzle of honey. I would spoon a small amount on my baked oatmeal, or treat it like a dessert after dinner.

I made Coach Nicoles Vegetarian Meatloaf and brought ~ 4 portions. I ate this at lunch or dinner/ depending on my mood. I made a quinoa and beet salad with red onions, red wine vinegar and olive oil (my own concoction). I would eat this for lunch or dinner. I grilled chicken breasts ahead of time and cut 2 into 1/2" strips. I'd place a few on my plate at lunch or dinner. I also brought grapes, packaged diced pears (in little sealed cups), cut up celery and carrots, a small stick of hard salami (which I never ate), peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, almonds, raisins and dried apple slices. I did bring instant Miso soup and Thai Kitchen instant noodle soup, but I found that I usually didn't want to deal with cooking food and was happy to eat the cold things from my cooler.

I was really happy with my food choices. I felt that I was eating well. Naturally I countered my healthy meals with plenty of beer and other drinks, but that is what Lilies is for. I did get in a 20 minute run Tuesday morning and I did an hour or yoga Thursday morning, plus I walked a LOT.

I did plan on coffee in the mornings and brought a simple device that rested on my cup, held a paper cone of grounds and I poured boiling water through. It was fantastic! I also drank a LOT of water. I filled a clay gallon jug with water and emptied it each day, plus I would fill my cup around the site at various stations while I was out. Staying hydrated was easy to do if I planned it out.
I think one could do something similar for a longer camping event like Pensic, but it would be harder with a family. I would probably choose more options that did not involve space in the cooler.


Rachel said...

Hey, good job you! Sounds like you had a very nutritious week!

K said...

thanks for sharing, I was just starting to wonder what to do for WW.