Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Garden Update

I'm trying to take pictures of the rapidly changing garden ~ once a month.  It's amazing how quickly things change.  Currently it is rainy and cold for the official start of summer.  Temps are almost 20 degrees under average, but we hope to creep up into the 70's come Friday.  We may see 80's on the weekend.  My tomatos can't wait.

For a reference I'm listing the pictures in the same order as my post from May.

The raspberry plants appear to have survived the transplant process and should produce fruit this year.  Rock on!

We're going to have a good apple crop this year.

The fence is certainly keeping the critters at bay.

 Lettuce (mesclin and romain), green onions, daikon radish, turnips, cauliflower, melons and beans.
Cauliflower (that I started from seeds)
Beans! (and I planted more so they will start producing when these are exausted)
 Spinach, eggplant (that I started from seeds), dill, cucumbers and snap peas.
Squash, red onions, peppers, zucchinni.  No blossoms yet, but they are starting.

 The native bed is starting to bloom.

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