Friday, June 23, 2006

Big feet

The Egyptian socks that are currently on the needles need to fit a size 11 1/2 foot. Oy. And they are going to be knee length and the measurment from his ankle to his knee is 16", and he is 16" around at the calf.

I'm pretty pleased with how fast it is going so far, but I'm not going to feel comfortable until I can find a size 11 1/2 foot to try it on and check the fit. It's a bit long on T's 10's so I think it will be ok.

Turned the heel last night, knit another "Allah" band and started the chevrons.

To clear up, the reason I am putting the word Allah in quotes is that historically those who have published information on the pattern have decided that the letters in the band depict the name of God, Allah. However other historians have decided that the pattern is undecipherable and may not represent God. One main theory behind that is the fact that the lowest band circles the bottom of the foot near the toe, making the wearer effectively step on the name of God, which is not cool in the Muslim world.

I agree with the argument so until I hear otherwise I will refer to that portion of the pattern as it has been traditionally known, but with the caveat of "".

I really love working with this yarn, even though I need to keep tweaking the gauge. No, I did not knit a swatch, I'm bad that way. The first pair I knit was out of a wool/ silk blend (whose name escapes me). It was a bit nubly and a higher weight than what I am using now. It knit a perfect replica of the original and it managed to fit my friend's feet. This one will have the same pattern, but more repeats. Finer yarn + bigger feet. Oh well. I'm still loving it.

I tried out a different heel, not quite like the original but I like it better than the solid I did initially.

I'd like to know how the original heel is done and no the pattern in the Folk Socks does not make the correct heel either. Maybe I should pick up this book: Ethnic Socks and Stockings. I have other friends who could use cool socks.

I really need to put the sock down for a bit. It will be frustrating to have to rip a lot out if it ends up being too big....

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Ada said...

That sock is looking beautiful. Great knitting!