Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where was I? Oh, right, Knitting!

So I actually have been knitting recently, although you wouldn't know it for all the posts on camping (I'll be making another one after this, but first things first).

Started a pair of socks last week at Lilies, one pair knitted in Fortissima Sock Yarn #9094 Finished them when I got back on Sunday. I have enough left over for 1 if not 2 pairs of baby socks. Cute!

I finished the body for the baby cardigan that I am knitting for one of my expecting friends. I decided to leave it at home since I didn't want to mess with charts and graphs in the campsite and settled for a simple stockinette in the round. The sweater is knit in Dale of Norway Baby Ull in Deep Blue. It will have white snowflake accents when done. The sweater is from the Soft Treasures for Little Ones Collection.

Currently I am distracted from the baby items by making another pair of Medieval Egyptian socks for a friend of mine. It's been a while since I started toe up and that was bit frustrating, but I eventially got it after some mild cursing. I started them last night and I'm up to the first "Allah" band. I think I need to knit a bit further before I decide if the size is right. I'm hovering somewhere in the middle right now. I wanted to make the socks out of cotton but could not find a cotton sock yarn that I liked. I settled on Fortissima Socka in a deep blue and white. It's a Wool/ Poly blend but it is the perfect weight and I think they will turn out great! I hope to have one mostly underway so I can try it on the foot of the receiver when I see him in July. I'd like to get them done in time for him to wear them at Pennsic, but we will see.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Those Medieval Egyptian socks are really cool!