Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yay Camping!

I really do enjoy camping, especially when the amount of stuff I bring fits in the van with the middle seat still in and can be set up and taken in down in less than a couple hours.

Yeah, I don't pack light, but I pack with quality in mind.

Here is our lovely camp site from this last weekend

Our cute sitting area.

The double width shade fly worked a treat and we had Lilies strength wind on Sunday so it got a real test. I'm really happy with the wood support for the spare wedge, top notch!

The Barbie got to come out and play as well. I still cn't believe I am using that after all these years, and it stood up well to the rain on Saturday. I should have propped it up, the walls were a bit slack.

I got to carry the ceremonial axe into court on Sunday. This would be the 15th c. axe!!!!! Can you tell I'm pleased?

Finally FIRE! With flint and steel, even though my char cloth was not cooperating. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Tents, SCA, knitting (getting ready to try again after 15+ years), period stuff.Found you hunting for a way to make buttons and the the period encampments site.
Cat W.