Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Syttende Mai!

For those who are not familiar, today is the Norwegian Constitution Day! A day to eat more food, wear funky outfits and parade around waving flags. Not a bad way to spend a day in my opinion.

I am approx 1/4 Norwegian and still have distant relations in Norway up near Trondheim. I don't speak the language, but I do make a number of traditional delicacies each year. No, I do not make lutefisk. In honor of May 17th I am wearing my Dale of Norway sweater, even though it really is too warm for it today. I also plan to have a lovely fish meal tonight.

I really would rather be in Skei, Norway or Bergen for the fest. We had such a nice time when I was there. We stayed at the Best Western in Skei and we had a gorgeous view! We were there in early May so we preceeded the tourists and had most of the hotel to ourselves. I fondly remember looking over the lake each morning with a plate full of fish for breakfast and traveling on the fjords each day on our tours. Good memories!

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