Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rogue Monday? What's that?

Rogue has not been removed from the safety of her bag for a number of weeks now. Too many other things distracting (keeping) me from working on her. Getting ready for camping in June and July. SCA stuff, cooking, garb, and TENTS! Tons and tons of tents.

I will return to Rogue, but probably not until August. Now I need to figure out which knitting projects I should take on my camping trip in June. I have a whole week, I should have some down time in there. Hopefully. I'm thinking socks!

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Teej said...

I've been working on Rogue off and on some lately. I'm almost finished with the hood - need to do the last bit of cable and the grafting. At that point I haven't decided if this one needs to sit the summer out or not, but it might depend on how portable other projects are.