Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blocking done

Took out the blocking wires last night and let the whole thing sit undisturbed overnight. I folded and wrapped it this morning so I am all ready for Sunday. It relaxed only slightly, which it said it would in the directions, but the pattern is still very visible.

Saturday will be quite a day, early trip to site and a long day in the kitchen. Fortunately I have had plenty of help and many of the things are already made which should make for a fairly easy day, I hope. I changed the menu a bit so I won't have to rely on as many roasters, which is good. It also means that we are actually "cooking" 2 dishes on Saturday. YAY!

I really hope that people like the meal. I'm a little concerned that the beef will be dry...but there is plenty of mustard to go around so hopefully people will slather it on and enjoy.

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