Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First Lace Complete!

I completed the trellis scarf last night and began the blocking proceedure.

Knitknot loaned me her blocking wires and dang are they handy. I don't understand why they are not pointed on the ends instead of blunt, but I used a #2 dp to pick up stitches on the side of the scarf and put them on the needles. The instructions said to get the scarf wet in warm water and then roll it in a towel to take the excess moisture out. I then spent probably an hour getting the edges onto the blocking wires. Very tedious but it's probably better than using a trillion pins. By the time I was done the scarf was starting to feel a bit dry so I sprayed it with some more water. I covered my cutting table with some clean white towels to help absorb the moisture and pinned away. It was fairly easy and straightforward. I checked it this morning and it should be completely dry and ready to come off the wires tonight. I'm so excited to see Mom's reaction. I hope she likes it.

I think for my first lace project it turned out rather well.


Anonymous said...

It looks great!


Liz said...

That looks amazing!!

Knit-Knot said...

It looks spectacular. I'm glad the wires worked out well. I think that we should find a shop and get some stainless steel welding rods. That way I can have more and you can have your own.

The only reason I bought them was because I wanted the instructions (which I promptly lost) and I saved enough on shipping to pay half the cost of the wires.

Liz said...

Thanks! I'm pretty pleased myself. I didn't use instructions and simply guessed how these would work. It looks right to me.

I'm thinking steel rod would work just fine, but i don't know how often I'm going to knit lace.

Jennifer said...

G, I think you've done us all a service by reassuring us that lace knitting is supposed to look kind of ridiculous pre-blocking. Been considering some lace myself, but I would have been discouraged if I'd started without seeing your photos.

Your work is just beautiful!

Merouda said...

Oh, my, dearest, that's beautiful!