Monday, May 22, 2006

Camping moot

Camped overnight at the Caponi Art Park in Eagan. I just LOVE this park. It is so beautiful and secluded. There isn't any running water and you can still hear the highway, but it's very pretty.

The reason for the overnight was to teach a Camping basics course for people who have not been camping for a while, or needed to brush up on some skills or who have never camped in the SCA.
There were really only 2 people who have never camped in the SCA who were there, the rest were all fairly seasoned in my opinion. However we all learned something which is usually the case.

Here is our camp.

I spent most of my time cooking and teaching a course on cooking over the fire. We had corned beef and cabbage with focaccia and fresh fruit. Nummy!

Liz and I spent Saturday morning making poles for her new tent and despite being punked by a sticky metal sleeve, which hindered our progress for over an hour, we finally got it worked out and were sucessful in completing poles for 2 more wedges. She really likes her new tent and I think it will work out well for the camping she and her husband does. We may need to add on an annex when the baby arrives.

It was a lovely day, if not a bit long and I was thouroughly exausted after the weekend.
I'm probably going to camp over memorial day weekend so I left most of the stuff packed in the car. I wonder if I could make a double wide shade fly to set up between 2 wedges before next weekend.... Only if I can get my hands on 8 yards of Sunforger, and I don't think I have that many on the bolt at home, but I will check....

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