Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Fine, I admidt it. I'm actually sick. Just your generic, my head feels like it's going to explode and I can't concentrate on things because my head feels like it's no longer attached to my body kind of sick. I also have the "I really don't feel like eating because I'm draining a quart of junk from my sinuses on the hour and I think I'm going to hurl" stuff. Furtunately I do feel better, and I have not had to miss work, even though I would prefer to be home, I don't "have to" be home.

Anyhow enough drama, sick happens...

Saturday was fab! There were pretty cookies and fun people and everyone ate!

This was dessert. Springerle, ginger biscuits, candied violets (thanks to birdkiller), and short bread. Very pretty! I sat and ate ginger biscuits last night and they actually calmed my stomach. The beautiful springerle mold is made by Merkle and I purchased it through La Cuisine. The cookie stamps for the shortbread are handmaid by Gene Wilson in IL and sold through his company Hobi Cookie Molds.

Here are some pictures of my cool servers and cooks!

The site worked pretty good and we used the space to our advantage. Good times.

I need to include a cute picture of one of my charges.

I don't think the cockatiles are too happy with Tweet. She wants to visit with them and when she is out of her cage she spends a LOT of time sitting on theirs. No fights, just some posturing and I don't leave them unsupervised. I think I will need to get tweet a companion once they go home.

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Anonymous said...

LOVED the ginger biscuits. That's my favorite kind. Next time we're in Winnipeg I'll have to bring you some of the ones we've picked up there. They're about triple the ginger - yummy!