Thursday, May 25, 2006


For those who know me know of my passion for period tents and my plan to spread my knowledge until nylon is a thing of memory. This is my plan.

Currently I am helping 3 others to realize their own fabric wonderland of their own. A is making a GIGANTIC spoked round. R is making a far smaller spoked round. H made a bedhoin (by far the most sane project of the bunch since he finished it in one day).

In the last week I will have made 3 shade flys. One for a friend, one for my apprentice and one for me.

This shade fly is for K who will use it attached to her trailer or also free standing. I delievered it along with a stake bag and helped her get her ropes and rope slides in order last night. She will probably do a trial run in her back yard this weekend.

The other shade fly is for M to go on the front of her new wedge. The finished effect will be similar to this image, but not as big.

The third shade fly is for me to run between two wedge tents.
I have loaner tents. It's a thing. This is M's new wedge tent and my two are the same (cause I made all three).

The plan is to set up the two wedge tents with the doors facing each other and running the shade between the two uprights. The back will be staked close to the ground using ropes and the front will be lifted up with 3, 6' poles so people can easily come in and out. I have not done this before and it looks good on paper. I don't know what to expect when it comes to the actual set up. Friday may be interesting...


Teej said...

Oooh.. so.. we've been toying with trying to figure out a shade fly for our double bell wedge.. Nothing fancy, just a rectangle as wide as the uprights with a couple poles and stakes at the front edge.

We use a ridge pole and just got new "swing set" poles from dad to try out this weekend. One of my concerns with running a shade fly off the ridge pole is that it will pull the tent toward the front, putting more tension on the back stakes. Any idea if that's really something to be concerned with?

Liz said...

Actually it is something to be concerned with and I have seen a bell wedge collapse forward when the rear stakes pulled up in a heavy rain. To counter this you could run guy lines off the peak towards the back to help ease the strain on the stakes, or you can drop the fly during a storm, which you might want to do anyway since it can turn into a sail.