Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shady spaces

Last week/ end was WW in Black River Falls, WI.

It was an exausting few days, but a lot of fun. I finished and delivered a shade fly for the barony of Jaravelier.

It turned out really nice and everone liked it who saw it. It packs down very small so it should be quite useable. The fabric for the Nordskogen and Yeti fly showed up on the 5th so I will start them next. It will be nice to have a more portable shade fly to take to places. One of the poles on my ancient and honorable shade fly finally busted and was subsiquently burned. This meant my shade sagged on one edge, which wasn't critical, but annoying. I still need to make some new poles for the Yeti fly, which may happen this weekend.

WW was lovely and lots of fun. I speant a great deal of time at al Fonducs, which was my friend's Moroccan inspired coffee bar. Just lovely.

Doesn't this make you want to lounge around?

I thought so.

The coffee bar was the inspiration of "Rashid", who will be receiving the socks. This is his merchant booth. It's just inspiring all the detail he puts into his place. I sat and knitted and listed to him "work his pitch" for a while.

All the trouble I went to get the foot to fit was worth it since it fit perfectly. I finished one yesterday complete with garter and tassle and started the second. It's fairly tight on Padruig's calf, but his calfs are 3" larger, so fingers crossed.

I finally was able to see the other completed socks on Tarik's feet at an event.

I completed a Indian outfit and was very pleased in the compliments I got. I am pretty body conscious so exposing my belly was a bit on the wierd side, but I was assured that it was just fine.

I happened upon my friends and we had a group photo op. Too bad my parasol was back in camp since mine too matched my outfit.

More pictures can be found on my Photobucket site.

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