Friday, September 22, 2006


Morning came too early.

I needed to get my new red wool fitted gown to a point where I could work on the hand sewing at the event this weekend. This meant cutting, pining and sewing way too late. I still think that this will be done in time for the Faire next weekend. LOL! It's possible, especially if I concentrate on the handsewing when I'm in Calontir. I also will need to make 16 or so buttons and button holes. My sleeves are one piece so no closures needed, yay!

SnB was fun last night, knitknot brought her wheel and taught R to spin, who looked like she was getting the hand of it. The Chalet socks from the Folk Socks book kicked my ass! Her charts are not intuative at all and I really had a hard time following them. It wasn't just me either, my firends who are more experienced knitters also agreed that they were odd. As much as I would like to make that particular pattern I frogged the whole thing last night. I think I will need to re-write the chart before I try again. I don't know what the author was thinking.

knitknot showed me another way to catch the yarn when knitting fairisle, but I have not had a chance to try it yet. No knitting fo me for a while, need to sew this week.

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