Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Second childhood

Sweety and I got home from work last night and collapsed in the LR. I rode my bike and only had to stop on the big hill once, so I consider that pretty good. I let the cats out and watered the plants. The tomatos are going to be in full force sometime next week.

Yesterday was filled with a lot of ups and downs, but appears to have landed up a serious up note and we are both a lot calmer.
Supposedly EVERYONE who buys a house has issues and it is rarely a smooth process so I will keep reminding myself of this.

While decompressing we heard the van outside selling ice cream and blaring it's siren call.

P: "You know? We've never gone out to get ice cream before."
Me: "You're right, we haven't."
P: "You want to?"
Me: "You have to ask?"

So we went and got ice cream came into the AC and sat down in front of our respective computers and killed monsters in Diablo 2 for far too long. Dinner consisted of grapes.

Tonight I'm going to concentrate on cooking, cleaning, packing and organizing like an actual adult. Inspection, Wednesday Noon. Third times the charm.


Rachel said...

You are right about the house thing. Jacque is still lucky to be breathing. (Should I pack this pillow, or . . . ) I am glad you were able to turn it around and have a fun night.

Merouda said...

So I sez to Miguel-san, "Hey! G & P just bought a house!"

Miguel-san sez, "Really? In Viroqua?"

Congrats, dears. Hope things only go smoothly henceforth. :-)