Monday, July 28, 2008

Sore legs....

and glutes.

I moved about a billion boxes up and down the stairs this weekend. The eat in area off the kitchen is now a shrine to boxes. The shelves in the kitchen, bedroom, LR and Computer room are all taken down. I'm quite horrified to see all of the dust wolverines that have been uncovered by moving large pieces of furniture. We have a moving plan, contingent on a satisfactory inspection. All we do know is come September 1 we will be someplace else.

The cats keep retreating to the sewing room, which is still relatively put together. Probably seeking normalcy. They spent a good deal of Sunday afternoon sleeping far too close together on the spare bed.

My home improvement projects were epic fails. I did get the new blinds hung and 1 of the 2 window screens replaced. I require yet another trip to Menards for more screen material. Ugh! They look really nice and actually fit the window, unlike the former screens. I took the time to clean the outside of the windows on the ground floor. Icky.

Since tomorrow is supposed to be HOT and HUMID I decided to ride my bike to work today. I finally made it up the big hill without stopping on my way home Friday. Yes! I really need to ride more.

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Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys on the house! That's great!