Monday, June 22, 2009

Ariel's Stockings

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I finished the stockings about a month ago and finally had a chance to deliver them to the recipient.

The plan was that they were going to be part of a outfit made on site, but the scope of the outfit morphed from 15th c. German to Roman. Yeah knit stockings are not really common for Roman. They were done and I was happy to hand them over. I'm pretty pleased with them.

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The stockings are a pattern of my own design. I used size 0 needles and Lang Jawool Superwash in yellow. I did some shaping on the cuff, knee and calf and they fit perfectly. The small clocks on the ankle are a crown and a Calon Cross. The crown is pretty obvious, but the Calon cross is harder to see. I used a Dutch heel for shaping and a wedge toe and kitchnered it closed.

Now to start silk stockings and socks for Northshield's next Queen.

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