Monday, July 27, 2009

More garden....I'm boring

I think I may need to call for reinforcements. It's a good thing I like zuchinni and tomatoes as we are going to have a bumper crop (knock on wood).

Photobucket This is our garden as of Friday. From the back left moving forward are pumpkins, zuchinni, summer squash, cucumbers, dill, swiss chard, fennel, and lettuce. From the back right moving forward is raspberry bushes, tomatoes, sunflowers (almost blooming), beets, peas, beans and onions.

I'm loving going out to my garden and picking dinner. P and I went to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning and I discovered that we had both been tallying the value of our produce when wandering the aisles. We went with another couple to act as native guides (and show the sneaky way to the free parking). I got coffee and a bagel and P picked up some cherries and blueberries. It was a lovely morning and we met up with other friends.

Photobucket Our snap peas have reached the eave of the garage, ~ 7' high. I think the crop of peas is winding down, but the beans are reving up. I finally had enough beans to steam for dinner. Love!

Photobucket We don't have any red tomatoes yet, but we should soon. We have a plethora of flowers and small green tomatoes on the cherry tomato plant and I can't wait.

Photobucket Photobucket

The zuchinni and squash have been slowly coming along and I have a couple big zuchinni that I'm going to grate for bread.

Photobucket The cucumbers are starting to come in. I have slicing cucumbers and pickling cucumbers. So far I like using the tomato cages to trellis the cucumber vines.

Photobucket This is the North side of the garage and it always reminds me of Grandma G's garden in Minneapolis. She had tons of ferns.

Here is another look at the east side.



Sarah said...

That is looking awesome. A very lovely garden.

Constanza said...

You do well making an apartment dweller jealous.