Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend of accomplishments

Ok, first things first. Tent has more paint.


My new blue gown for WW has buttons, buttonholes, and the sleeves sewn into the armholes. Only thing left is the lacing cord and eyelets. (no pictures)

Shade flys for Nordskogen have been set up, tested and approved.


I'm so glad that Vidi is making the wood cause I would be even more insane than I already am. Last night I finished adding the rope slides, cut the second set of ropes and started loading the van with the stuff I'm going to need. They are NOT going to get the snowflakes until after WW and I don't care at this point. Anyone who wants to help with silk screening is welcome to come over.

This was the most important accomplishment of the weekend.




Anonymous said...

I love the fact that two more BC style sunshades are in the upper Midwest! I made one myself about 5 years ago (blue too!) and I invariably have people come to pick my brain about it at events. I'm originally from the West Kingdom, so this style of sunshade is one I am particularly fond of. Gorgeous painting on your new spoked round!

Liz said...

Goodness there are more than that, I have been making them for years now. This is the first one that most closely resembles the dims from Dragonwing. I am very fond of this style as well.

Thanks about the compliment on my new round. I'm liking it too. :^)

setembrina said...

love the paint job!!